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Ms. Murphy/Ms. Pomphrett

Term 1 in Ms. Murphy and Ms. Pomphrett's Room
5th class have been very busy in term 1 and have got off to a great start to the year! Please see below some activities the boys and girls have got up to.
The Marshmallow Challenge
The girls and boys showed excellent engineering skills to come up with designs to build the tallest tower to hold a marshmallow on top. It was a challenging task but all the groups really worked hard together even when faced with challenges along the way - well done boys and girls!
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Food Experiment
We spent a number of weeks studying food and healthy eating. The children also came up with wonderful food plans using what they learnt about healthy eating. Finally, we did an experiment to look at the presence of starch in food. Our focus was practicing the skill of carrying out a fair test. As you can see from the photos the boys and girls carried this skill out excellently!
5C144233-37D8-466F-891C-33756431EA76.jpeg 6AF825D7-6E75-41D7-8B79-D9131B3EB622.jpeg B9C928FC-51EE-4275-BFC3-E9EAC1F68703.jpeg
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Welcome Back!

We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to school. We have lots of interesting and fun things planned and look forward to a great year ahead.
See you soon,
Ms. Murphy and Ms. Pomphrett
Ms. Murphy
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Ms. Pomphrett
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