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Parents/guardians and teachers play a crucial role in the education and development of all students. Parents/guardians and teachers are often best placed to recognise when students are experiencing challenges in their learning or emotional well-being and support these students to ensure they receive a quality education tailored to their individual requirements. Occasionally, despite the interventions and supports put in place, a student may continue to experience challenges in their education. In such cases, a psychological assessment may be deemed necessary. The assessment can provide detailed information about a student's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, allowing educators and parents/guardians to create a more individualised learning plan that maximises the student's potential.

Reasons for Seeking an Educational Assessment

Parents/guardians might seek an educational assessment by a psychologist for several reasons, including:

  1. Identifying Learning Difficulties: An educational assessment can help identify specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia. Early identification can lead to timely intervention and support.

  2. Developmental Diagnoses: ADHD, autism or other diagnoses that may impact a student's educational performance. Understanding these can help tailor educational approaches to the student's needs.

  3. Behavioural Assessments: Psychologists can conduct behavioural assessments to understand any behavioural issues that might be affecting a child's learning and school experience. This can lead to strategies to improve behaviour and enhance learning.

  4. Supporting Emotional Well-being: Some children may experience anxiety or other emotional difficulties that impact their education. An assessment can help in identifying these issues and in developing appropriate support plans.

  5. Guidance on Educational Placements: An assessment can provide recommendations on the most suitable type of educational setting for a student, whether it be mainstream education, a special class, or a special school.

By having an educational assessment conducted by a psychologist, parents in Ireland can ensure that their child receives the appropriate educational support and interventions, leading to a more positive and effective learning experience.


NEPS stands for the National Educational Psychological Service and it is a service provided to schools by the Department of Education. NEPS work with schools to upskill staff members in the most up to day approaches to supporting students, provide assistance during critical incidents, support the implementation of evidence-based intervention programs and conduct psychological assessments. NEPS has produced Guidelines, Tips and Handouts for Parents and Teacherswhich you may find useful.

Choosing a Psychologist

For parents/guardians who are seeking the support of a psychologist, you can access the Psychologist Society of Ireland's website here where you can find registered psychologists in your area. If you are seeking an Autism assessment, Asiam have created a webpage with information for parents and guardians which you may find beneficial. The Dyslexia Association of Ireland also provide supports around assessments and more information can be found here.

We would like to remind you that it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to select an appropriate psychologist for their child if needed. The school does not make specific recommendations for psychologists and cannot assume responsibility for this decision.

We understand that finding the right professional can be challenging, and we encourage you to seek referrals from trusted sources or consult with your family doctor for guidance, if appropriate.

Children’s Services Referral Form

For more information about referrals to a children's disability network team, please click here.

Support Pathways for Children with Additional Needs

Click here for an Information Booklet for Parents and Caregivers from the Children and Young People's Services Committees.

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