Holy Spirit Senior Primary School

School Staff

Here is a list of the wonderful staff in Holy Spirit Senior Primary School!

Principal Mr. Paddy Dillon
Deputy Principal Ms. Audrey Cooney
Third Class Ms. Farrell
Ms. O'Neill
Mr. Ruddy
Fourth Class Ms. Daly
Mr. Gavin
Mr. Joyce
Fifth Class Mr. Clarke
Mr. Doyle
Ms. Jordan
Ms. O'Reilly
Sixth Class Ms. Bookey
Ms. Holden/Ms. Pomphrett
Ms. McArdle
Ms. Quane
Outreach Class Ms. Keane
Mr. Colgan
Special Education Needs Ms. Cooney
Ms. Hyland
Ms. Kenneally
Ms. Murphy/Ms. Matthews
Home School Community Liaison Ms. Aoife Lacey
School Completion Programme Co-Ordinator Ms. Eleanor McWey
Special Needs Assistants
3rd Class Ms. Sharon Ferguson
Ms. Linda Johnston
4th Class Ms. Karen Boyle
Ms. Phil Torsney
5th Class Ms. Nicola Cloak
Ms. Maria Cummins
6th Class Ms. Vivienne Byrne
Ms. Joan Brennan/Ms. Sondra Meehan
Outreach Ms. Pamela Kelly/Ms. Jeanette Butler
Ms. Denise Fitzsimons
Ms. Catherine Hammond
Ms. Gemma Santiago
School Secretaries Mrs. Ann Larkin and Ms. Joanne Tamiazzo
Caretaker Mr. Chris Russell
Cleaners Ms. Noeleen Byrne
Limekiln Ln, Greenhills, Dublin 12, Ireland
01 450 6019
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