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Correspondence Regarding Reopening School

Correspondence Regarding Reopening Holy Spirit Senior Primary School

Please see below the emails sent to parents/guardians by Paddy Dillon in recent weeks.

28th August 2020

Dear Parents /Guardians,

Many other schools around the country have reopened this week and it has been great to hear the very positive and reassuring accounts of the pupils, parents and teachers. We are all looking forward to what will be a unique day in our school's history. Class teachers will send their class a short email on Monday; I was hoping to include a link to our online payments system in this email but unfortunately we will have to wait another couple of days for this.

I will answer some of your questions and concerns I received this week below:


Last year's class teachers placed children in their pods. They took into account friendships and tried where possible to have groups who will get on with each other. We did also take into account learning needs but pupils will not be streamed; all pods will contain a mixture of abilities. Pods may change during the school year but only at the start of a new term . Exceptions will be made only in extreme circumstances. Pods will be kept 1m apart in the classroom.


Each class will only mix in with the children in their class (bubble).

Personal Hygiene

This weekend, please re-teach your child good handwashing skills and the proper way to cough and sneeze. These are the single most important ways of keeping your own child and other children safe in school. Hand sanitisers are installed through the school. Water and handwash is available in each classroom.


Every child should bring in lunch for the first few days. School lunches will begin in week 2. All pupils are encouraged to eat school lunches but we do understand if this option doesn't suit you. All waste will be brought home.


Mr Ruddy will work online with pupils who are not returning to school. Please let us know if you are interested in this service.

Tuesday Morning

I will meet pupils at the school gate and direct children to their lines. Teachers will place their class into 3 pods who will line up in three parts of the same line. Parents can, if they wish, bring their child to the gate but should then move away from the school. Parents can wait just inside the gate in the afternoons but please wait behind the cones. Please try to social distance as much as possible.

6th class 8:40am to 2:20pm

5th class 8:50am to 2:30pm

4th class 9am to 2:40 pm

3rd class 9:10am to 2:50pm

Outreach pupils will arrive and depart as before, individual arrangements will continue if required .

Only students and staff can enter the school building. Anyone else who wishes to visit needs to do so by appointment only and even then, only in exceptional circumstances. Virtually all contact between home and school for the foreseeable future will be via telephone or email.

Students should use only their own items in school and should not share any items with other pupils. Jackets can be left on their own chairs in classes. Students will be outside more than ever before. As they will be going out in all weather except heavy rain each child should have a light rain jacket in his/her bag every day. Due to social distancing class lines may have to wait in the rain for other classes to enter the building .

School uniforms or school Tracksuits are to be worn every day. We will be flexible on what days tracksuits are worn but school uniforms should be worn at least twice a week .Students should wear their school uniforms or tracksuits only for school related activities. Tracksuits /Uniforms should be taken off straight after the child arrives home from school for the day.

The children are not required to wear masks or face coverings. Staff will wear face coverings in situations where they are in close contact with students.

There will be no extra curricular activities in the school for the moment. We will review this in mid September to see if it is possible.

All classes will be thoroughly cleaned every day

When a Student/Staff Member is Unwell

In the event of your child feeling unwell before school, please keep him/her at home if any of the Covid 19 symptoms are displayed. Staff will not attend school if they display any symptoms. A designated isolation area has been created in a room off the school hall . If a pupil displays symptoms of COVID-19 while at school, the following procedure will be implemented:

  • The pupil will be accompanied to the isolation area.
  • Staff members who have symptoms will go home immediately

· A distance of 2 meters will be maintained. If this is not possible, the person accompanying the child must wear a face covering.

· If it is thought that your child may have symptoms of the virus, you will be contacted immediately by telephone. To help us in this regard, you are asked to make sure that their contact details are kept up to date at all times. Please collect your child as soon as possible if you receive a call from us.

· A face covering will be provided to the staff member/child who is symptomatic.

· Anyone who is symptomatic is advised to inform their general practitioner by phone of their symptoms. The GP will then advise you as to the correct procedure before your child can return to school.

· Public transport of any kind should not be used to travel home.

· The HSE will inform any staff/parents who have come into close contact with a diagnosed case via the contact tracing process. The HSE will contact all relevant persons where a diagnosis of COVID-19 is made. The instructions of the HSE should be followed and staff and pupil confidentiality is essential at all times.

  • If the school is notified that a person in your child’s class has a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19, The parents of all children in the class will be notified. Public health advice will be sought and followed

I will put a video message to all pupils on the school website on Monday. We are all looking forward to seeing our whole school community again next week though for now, opportunities to chat will be limited .

Thanks for all your support throughout the closure

All the best



26th August 2020

Morning everyone.

I know there is great excitement in many houses about the reopening of schools. I am also aware there is also some anxiety and we will do our very best to reassure you in the coming few days that the school will be as safe as possible.

I have attached two documents we received yesterday from the Department of Education and I will send out one more email on Friday. In Friday's mail, I will try to answer any questions that parents have mailed in.

I know everyone is running out of shopping days so I will address a few issues now. We will be very flexible on uniform including footwear. We are now advised not to ask children to bring their own sanitiser. Apologies, I do realise that most of you have made this purchase but I am sure it can be used at home. There are sanitiser dispensers in every room. They will still need a small towel, tissues and soap. Most of your child's stationary can be left in school , but try to have pencils , erasers , rulers and pens at home. Pencil cases and lunch boxes should be made from a material that can be easily wiped down. Children will need rain coats as they will be outside more this year . I know there are extra costs here but as swimming has been cancelled your costs will still be lower than we expected in June . You will receive a link later this week to our online payments system, book list money has been reduced to 60 euro .

All the best


Back to School Advice for Parents/Guardians

Back to School Advice for Parents/Guardians2


21st August 2020

Dear parents /guardians,

I hope you and your families have enjoyed the summer. On Tuesday September 1st our school will finally reopen. The staff of Holy Spirit are really looking forward to having the children back in our school. I know our children are looking forward to seeing their friends again. Our school management team have spent the last few weeks preparing our reopening plan and putting the required measures in place. I have attached the full document and also a link to the school reopening plan on our school website. I will outline the main points of the plan in this mail. I do understand certain aspects of our plan may be difficult for some families. Please email me and let me know if this is the case, if we can help your personal situation we will. All measures have been put in place for the safety of the school community.

Social Distancing

Each of our 14 classes will be separate bubbles who will not mix in with children from outside this bubble at any time. Within the class group there will be three pods who will distance themselves by at least 1m from the other two pods. The two outreach classes will be a separate bubble of 12 children.


Children will arrive in their year groups at allotted times . Drop your child at the gate and the for safety reasons move away to leave space for other parents.

6th class 8:40 am

5th class 8:50 am

4th Class 9am

3rd class 9:10am

Each teacher will line their class up in 3 separate pods. Staff will organise this on the every morning. Each class will be given a coloured bib to show which class bubble they belong to. The bibs must be worn everyday on arrival , break times and leaving the school .

We would really appreciate punctuality as this will keep everyone safe . Please do not arrive more than five minutes before your child’s allotted time . Parents are asked to wear masks as it will be difficult to keep 2m apart .

We are postponing the option of Park and Stride we mentioned in our last mail. We may introduce this option for those interestedlater in the year. Anyone interested in helping with this please let us know. We would still greatly encourage as many children as possible to walk or cycle to school .


Children will walk in their pods to the gate when instructed by their teacher. Parents can wait in the area just inside the gate but try to keep your distance as much as possible. Punctuality is key to keep everyone safe. Please do not arrive more than five minutes before collection time. Please wear masks as it will not always be possible to keep 2m apart.

6th 2:20pm

5th 2:30pm

4th 2:40pm

3rd 2:50pm

New ASD unit

The building of our new ASD unit which we have been promised for over five years will start in the next few weeks. This will be a fantastic facility for our Outreach classes but will also take the pressure off the limited space our school has had to work in since the amalgamation. Obviously the timing could have been better! It does mean our reopening plan has had to factor in the building work e.g. the need for staggered times due to only one available entrance. Site traffic will not be allowed on school grounds after 8:15am .

Our main aim is to prevent the risk of infection coming into school and we cannot do this without your help. YOU SHOULD NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL IF HE HAS A TEMPERATURE, A COUGH OF ANY KIND, LOSS OF SMELL/TASTE OR HAVE ANY KIND OF SHORTNESS OF BREATH. If you are in any doubt whether you should send your child to school or not, please err on the side of caution and DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL. If you are called to collect a sick child please do so as soon as possible but within 30 minutes.

It does not look like we can bring children swimming this year so our book list cost will be reduced by 39 euro . If we can facilitate swimming later in the year we will collect money then . You will receive a text with a link to pay book money online in the coming days . We would encourage parents to purchase every child a good rain coat as we will be doing more outdoor activities this year . New children to the school will need a basket to hold your child's books. Each child must bring a small bag with a towel, tissues, soap and sanitiser everyday. Sanitiser and soap will be freely available around the school but some situations will require a personal supply.

Pupils will not bring books or stationary home from school. For the first two weeks of school no child will receive homework . Later in September homework will consist of reading, tables and online work . The reading will be part of our new Write to Read project .This will minimise objects passing between home and school . Children will be encouraged to eat school lunches (where possible!). We will be flexible on uniform policy this year if a child’s uniform is in the wash the school tracksuit can be worn and obviously the other way round is also fine . Email will remain a vital form of communication so please let us know if you change email address.

On behalf of the staff I would like you to reassure your child that they will be returning to a happy , fun and safe school. I for one will be relieved to work again in an open Holy Spirit Senior School.

All the best,



4th August 2020

Hi everyone,

I hope you are are all well.

As I mentioned in last weeks mail we preparing a plan at present so the school can reopen for all pupils . To make this plan I need to know in the next few days if you intend to keep your child home for some or all of this school year due to health issues. If you email me at hello@holyspiritsps.ie to let me know of your child's situation. I will then call you to explain this further. No need to mail if you intend your child to return in September full time .

Thank you to all those who offered help with reopening the school . We are trying to minimise the number of adults working in the building so in most cases we can't take up your offers. However if anyone is a carpenter or has similar skills we could do with some help in this area . Again email me and let me know.

Thanks a million,



29th July 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you and your family are well. As you are aware, the Department of Education and Skills have issued guidelines for reopening schools this week. I have attached the letter from the Minister for Education and Skills for your attention. I know this is my first email to our new third class parents, so I would like to welcome you to our school community .

Holy Spirit Senior Primary School will reopen for all children on Tuesday 1st September. Our management team is currently working on our Covid-19 response plan to ensure that the school reopening is carried out as safely as possible. We have already installed hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the school. We have also installed phones in every classroom to minimise movement around the school and we are working on a range of other measures. We are currently establishing a Covid-19 response team who will work to ensure your child's return to school is as safe, normal and positive as possible.

Revised School Opening and Closing Times

Due to the volume of children who arrive at Holy Spirit every morning, we will stagger arrival and collection times.

Opening Times

6th Class: 8.40am

5th Class: 8.50am

4th Class: 9.00am

3rd Class: 9.10am

End of School Day

6th Class: 2.20pm

5th Class: 2.30pm

4th Class: 2.40pm

3rd Class: 2.50pm

Outreach times will remain as normal.

This will be reviewed in the first term.


Please purchase the Holy Spirit uniform and tracksuit as normal. There is one exception. Children should wear black runners every day as the Government have requested that there is an increased focus on physical education (PE) in schools.

Please note that in line with Government guidelines that if your child travels to a non green list country he/she will be expected to quarantine for two weeks on return and will not be able to come to school until after the end of the quarantine period.

I will write to you again the week of the 24th August with additional information regarding the reopening of our school.

Please find below the class list with your child's teacher.

All our staff are looking forward to welcoming back all our pupils and meeting our new third class pupils this September.

All the best,

Paddy and all in Holy Spirit SPS


Holy Spirit Senior Primary School Class List

Third class

Ms. Cooney (Ms. Coughlan’s 2nd class pupils)

Ms. Bookey (Ms. Walsh’s 2nd class pupils)

Mr. Clarke (Ms. Saab’s 2nd class pupils)

Ms. O’Reilly (Ms. Byrne’s 2nd class pupils)

Fourth class

Ms. Farrell (own class)

Ms. Murphy/Ms. Young (Ms. Cooney’s 3rd class)

Ms. Lacey (Ms. O’Reilly’s 3rd class)

Ms. Fanning (Ms. Dowling’s 3rd class)

Fifth class

Ms. Jordan (Mr. Ruddy’s 4th class)

Mr. Colgan (Ms. Pomphrett’s 4th class)

Ms. Dowling (Ms. Jordan’s 4th class)

Sixth class

Mr. Gavin (own class)

Ms. McArdle (Mr. Colgan’s 5th class)

Ms. Donnellan (Ms. McArdle’s 5th class)


Ms. Jameson

Ms. Keane

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