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Ms. Lacey

Grandparents' Day

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October in Ms. Lacey's Room

Halloween Costumes

The children loved dressing up in their Halloween costumes for the last day of term!

Super Stars dress up.jpg Clever Cookies dress up.jpg Bright Sparks Dress up.jpg


The class had great fun playing interactive games on the Chrome Books to help them learn the counties of Ireland. They were so engrossed in the task and keen to keep improving their results!

Counties of Ireland on chrome books 1.jpg Counties of Ireland on chrome books 2.jpg


The class has been learning all about Orienteering this month. They have great map reading skills and enjoyed completing all the challenges created by Ms. Daly and Sondra.

Orienteering 1.jpg Orienteering 2.jpg

September in Ms. Lacey's Room


We have been very busy in September learning all about Norway and the Vikings. We loved learning how to draw a Viking longship and drawing our own version of Scream by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. We look forward to painting them!

Self-Portraits and Rainbow Goals

We also drew self portraits wearing a mask and made a rainbow with our goals for 4th class.
Mrs. Ferguson's Retirement
We were very sad to hear that Mrs. Ferguson is retiring but we enjoyed creating artwork for her.
We'll miss you.jpg
Responding to Pachabel's Canon in D
We loved listening to Pachabel's Canon in D and drawing what we imagined was happening. We got lost in the music.


I look forward to meeting all of you next week and getting to know you throughout the year. We will have a fun year together in 4th class and make lots of happy memories.


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