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Grandparents' Day

Ms. Farrell's class celebrated Grandparents' Day recently. Here are just two examples of the thoughtful ideas some of her students had to mark this special occasion.

Grandparents Day MF.png

One student in Ms. Farrell's class made a candle and lit it for all the grandparents who have passed away.


Another student in Ms. Farrell's class made a grandparents' package.

Science Week

During Science week, the children explored forces with the paper helicopter experiment. They explored what happened to the flight speed when they varied the size of the propellers and the weight they carried.

science pic1.jpg Science pic2.jpg
Science pic 3.jpg science pic4.jpg


The boys and girls really enjoyed dressing up for Halloween and did some beautiful autumn/Halloween art.

Halloween1.jpg halloween 2.jpg

halloween 3.jpg Halloween4.jpg Halloween 5.jpg

PE in Ms. Farrell's Class

The girls and boys enjoyed their outdoor sessions of Orienteering this term. They developed their map reading skills and learned about team work!

Orienteering 1.jpg Orienteering 2.jpg
orienteering 3.jpg Orienteering 4.jpg

Norway and The Vikings

The boys and girls have had lots of fun exploring how we can now do our project work using Google slides on our Chromebooks. They have learned lots about the Vikings and also explored Norway. We also did some Viking group projects on paper with our pod buddies.
Norway 1.jpg Norway 2.jpg
norway 3.jpg norway 4.jpg

School Garden

The class did great work preparing 3 beds in the school garden. There was lots of digging, weeding and rhubarb root removal!

Garden 1.jpg Garden 2.jpg
garden 3.jpg Garden 4.jpg

Hello boys and girls!

I’m so happy to have my own class back this year! I’ve missed you all very much and really look forward to catching up next week. Get plenty sleep and bring those big smiles back into school on Tuesday!

Best wishes,

Ms. Farrell

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