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Ms. Fanning

Artwork in Ms. Fanning's Class
Here are just some of the samples of the fantastic artwork created by students in Ms. Fanning's class. The class were learning all about Picasso, Perspective Drawing and created some excellent artwork for World Book Day.
Picasso 1.jpg
Inspired by Picasso
Perspective Drawing
World Book Day
Minibeast Hunt
During the month of October we were learning all about living things and their different habitats. We decided to go on a minibeast hunt in our school garden and we had lots of fun.
20201014_140225.jpg 20201014_140254.jpg
The Vikings
During the month of September we were very busy learning all about the Vikings and Norway in SESE. In Art we learned how to draw a Viking longship and we had a great time adding lots of colour to them.
Viking longship 2.jpg Viking longship 1 (1).jpg

Ms. Fanning's Class

Hi boys and girls, my name is Ms. Fanning and I'm going to be your teacher this year. I have heard lots of great things from Ms. Dowling so I am lucky to be teaching you all. Things are going to be a little different in school this year and you will see me wearing a mask. However, we will still have lots of fun in school. See you all soon!

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